As the Cinematic Artist for a AAA mobile title for one of the hugest Sci-Fi IPs of all time, I produced videos with the highest viewership, impressions, engagement and installs in company history for Social Campaigns, User Acquisition, App Store previews and Television Broadcast. I worked primarily in Maya and Unity 3D, where I captured game footage, created custom scenes and animation for In-Engine footage or used game assets and rebuilt shaders for pre-rendered shots. Each video would be checked for on-brand messaging and cohesion. Keeping within time constraints and budgets, I would concept, storyboard, model, rig, animate, light, render and composite all the videos for cross platform publishing. In other projects I would storyboard User Acquisition, mini games, model assets for additional in game needs.

  • Software: Maya, Unity 3D, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Element 3D, Premiere Pro

  • Responsibilities: Storyboards, Previs, Animation, Lighting, Camera Work, Rendering, Game Footage Capture, VFX, Editing and Sound Design

    This is a short compilation of the videos I produced.